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10 tips to take care of your personal computer

Computers like any piece of technology, are susceptible to the passage of the years, it is best to give them maintenance regularly and follow some tips to keep them in good condition.

These are some 10 myths that exist around the personal computers, some are certain and others, not so much:

1. Turning the computer off at once can damage it:

Yes and no. The hardware does not suffer any damage, but the operating system or some program could be damaged if a write-in process is interrupted when it is occurring, explains Christoph de Leuw of Computerbild magazine.

2. You have to wait 15 seconds before turning on a computer again:

“There is no reason for it,” says expert Michael Schmelzle, unless you have to reset the BIOS chip, which “needs about 15 seconds to download.” Otherwise, with current computers this is no longer a problem.

3. The more cores and gigas a processor has, the faster it is:

In principle it is true, says the expert Thomas Rau, from the German magazine “PC Wel”: But the key is whether the software in question can use multiple cores or not. In a current device, where several programs usually work at the same time, it is always better to have multiple cores. But much also depends on the structure of the core and the frequency of operation.

4. With saving processors, less energy is spent:

No. They are set to cool less when the use is less, but they are effective almost only in the case of laptops. These type of processors are an indicator but no guarantee that the battery will last longer. Even if the processor saves power, the rest of the computer could be so badly designed that the components drain the power.

5. Defragment the computer from time to time:

It used to be that way, but since Windows 7, Microsoft’s operating systems do it on their own. In the case of SSDs it is even important not to do so, because they “clean” themselves in a different way.

6. You have to remove the usb in the correct way

The expert Georg Schnurer says that “The devices themselves do not break,” but what can happen is that if they are recording data at the time, they are lost when disconnected. The worst thing that can happen is that the unit can no longer be read and formatted. “And so all data is lost.”

7. Magnets Damage Hard Drives and USB Memory

That’s impossible in the case of USB drives, says Schnurer, but it’s different with hard drives. A normal magnet that can be at home does nothing, but if you take a magnet especially strong as a neodymium, in some cases it may be that data is lost.

8. Wait until the batteries are exhausted to recharge them:

No, with lithium batteries this is no longer necessary. “Manufacturers recommend that they be completely emptied once when they are new to calibrate them with operating system battery level indicators or software tools,” explains Schnurer.

9. You have to use a screen saver:

This holds true for old cathode ray monitors, says Schnurer, but not with the current ones. What does make sense is to program the system so that the screen turns off when not in use, which saves energy.

10. Golden HDMI cables transmit a better picture:

They may look more “luxurious”, but they are the same as silverware in terms of operation.

Increase visits to your website with hyper-specialized content

Increase visits to your website with hyper-specialized content

Turn your website into a reference for your customers by creating hyper-specialized content about your business. Everything that your client can help improve the usefulness of your website and return to visit you even if you are not going to buy or request a specific service.

What can you bring?

With these services, you can achieve three different goals. The first, that your website is on everyone’s lips, that they recommend you and you can upload points in Google’s pagerank and in the event that your clients get to know other potential customers. You should also assess if you are interested in having a database of your customers to send them timely information about products and news. In that case, ask them to pay the toll to fill out a questionnaire and they sign up to access the information. And finally, you can get extra income if you charge for these services. Of course, keep in mind that the internet user is not accustomed to paying for the information and that you can only charge for it if it is products with a lot of added value for him, such as sector reports or an ad hoc advisory service, which in the offline channel would be much more expensive.

What content can you offer?

1. Advisory services on legal, legal or labor issues. To eliminate the resistance to be registered in these services, you can offer the possibility to try the services free of charge for a while, and be very transparent in your pricing policy: let the customer know how much each product will cost. They even offer the possibility of obtaining discounts for packages or temporary bonds. Another key is to always offer some of your information services free of charge, open to all, visibly specifying it so they can see what is available without any toll and can check the quality of what you offer.

2. Product advice. This is a service that should be absolutely free, provided. Since it is a window to promote your articles. You can give advice on how to use the products or how to keep them better.

3. Videos. For complex products, like any technology product, it is best to offer these tips with video support. You can even take advantage of it to create a community of users. The service can offer many options and personalized content designed to help associates make the most of products.

4. Online tutors. It always offers the possibility of personalizing the contents with tutorials online through email or with a virtual tutor that helps them to better select your products. For example, to decorate the home.

5. PDF. It is a simple and economical support to provide reports and documents. The purpose of these extra is that they have access with a click to useful and much more extensive information than you can offer in your web. Do not forget to include in these documents the references of your company, to be remembered, and above all do not put barriers to these documents: make sure they are downloaded quickly and can be printed for those who prefer to keep them on paper.

6. Newsletter. It is the perfect method for all that you need an updated information of your services. Try to be useful information: legislative news, reminders of tax obligations … Do not use them to overload your clients with boring reports about your company.