Know some muscle building techniques to develop muscles

If you want to get into the world of fitness, bodybuilding, or just made the decision to want to get in shape and develop the muscles a little, you may find the following tips useful to you, presenting these techniques of bodybuilding: techniques of bodybuilding

1. First of all, you must have impetus, in doing this, you add a little extra effort to the muscles to be able to cheat in each exercise. You can try to carry out this technique by asking someone for help, for example, to raise the bar during the barbell biceps exercise, when you are at the point that you can no longer lift and finish the series. Another negative way to use this technique is to push forward the trunk by flexing in the same area to raise the bar, which could cause you some damage.

2. Adapt to the series of three: when you are in the sequence of 3 exercises for the same muscle group, you are doing a triset or a series of three. This technique can help to pump the muscles that are worked very fast. When you work from three different angles it is a form of technique. The series of three technique focuses on recovery and regeneration of muscles, and is also an excellent way to increase vascularity in the area.

3. Adapt to make large series: this technique of muscle building is based on doing 4 or 5 series in a muscle group, without taking rest between them, or at least take very little rest time. This technique is used to exercise a particular muscle and prevent large muscles from interfering. Example, if you want to exercise the pectorals in the inner zone when it is unique to the sternum, one way to do them is to perform 4 or 5 sets of crossed pulleys.

4. Pre-exhausted: this technique of bodybuilding is completely different from the previous one, since it trains the hypertrophic zone. Example, if you want to train the quadriceps, you can start by sitting on the knee extension machine, and this way you can do squats. This exercise can become very intense for the quadriceps, so that you can get pre-exhausted.

5. Pauses: With the maximum weight you can load, you can pause during repetitions. For example: if you perform between 2 or 3 repetitions, you can take breaks of between 40 and 45 seconds, again another 2 or 3 and take breaks of between 50 and 60 seconds, perform 2 repetitions again and take another break between 70 and 90 seconds and finally performs one or two more repetitions. This muscle building technique is used when you want to achieve greater strength and power in your muscles.


I hope these bodybuilding techniques are very useful for developing your muscles properly in a short time and without suffering any damage, so that you have the results you want as a body with well-formed and toned muscles. A supplement to increase testosterone, can also be very useful.